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What Back To The Future II Can Teach Us About The 2015 Mustang

Illustration for article titled What iBack To The Future II/i Can Teach Us About The 2015 Mustang

Today is a special day in our nation's history, and I'm not talking about the eve of the Declaration of Independence. No, this is greater: it's the 28th anniversary of the release of Back to the Future, America's most important film involving time travel and DeLoreans.


As it so happens, we're coming close in real life to the year 2015, the high tech, hologram-filled time Marty McFly travels to in Back to the Future II in order to set his family's future history on the right path.

We're also on the eve of getting a brand new, redesigned 2015 Ford Mustang. What does it look like? What engines will it have? How will it perform? We think we have a pretty good idea of some of those things, including its V8 motor and its possible design, but we can't know for sure yet.


OR CAN WE?!? Thanks to Doc Brown's genius, we may be able to gleam some facts about the 2015 Mustang from its appearance in Back to the Future II. It's one of the many great cars to appear in that trilogy.

The Mustang only appears very briefly in one scene, right after Marty walks into the Hill Valley town square after arriving in the future. We see the Mustang pull up to an intersection in front of a theater where Jaws 19 is playing, right before the holographic shark jumps out and tries to eat him.


I would pay good money to see Jaws 19. Just sayin'.

We don't get a great look at the car there. But if this movie is any indication — and it totally is — the 2015 Mustang will see a return of the Fox platform body style. Woooooo yeah! Burnout city, bitches!


It will have a 5.0 V8 like the outgoing car, be available as a convertible, pack a huge T-shaped wing so big it would make your ricer cousin's 1996 Mitsubishi Eclipse blush, and some sort of huge mechanical apparatus covering the wheels. My guess is that's part of the hover-conversion.

Illustration for article titled What iBack To The Future II/i Can Teach Us About The 2015 Mustang

Here's a better look at a model or toy that comes from the website Hollywood Movie Costumes and Props. I'm not sure what that was made for, or if it ever went onsale back in the 1980s. Any guesses? Did anyone actually own one?

Anyway, I think it's fair to say that the Fusion-esque coupe we've seen so far is total bunk. I'm putting my money on a flying Fox-body convertible with a giant wing. That's the 2015 Mustang, ladies and gentlemen. I expect it any day now, just as I expect we'll get hoverboards and self-drying jackets too. Really. Really!

Also, since you're probably slacking off at work this close to July 4, here's the hoverboard chase scene. You're welcome.


Photo credit Hollywood Movie Costumes and Props

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I like this movie because Orlove's on it (0:40, sitting on the back):