What Automotive Brand Tie-In Needs To Happen?

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Car companies are, of course, companies, and as such that means a few things: in America, they're legally people you can go get a drink with, and they'll do strange things for money. Like partner with some entirely other company for reasons that may not be really clear. What are the best of these brand tie-ins?


Volkswagen's got a partnership with Fender, Mercury had one with Nautica, and everyone had a partnership with Levi's at some point. So what brand tie-ins need to happen? Apple's pretty damn close to doing it with their iOS in the car stuff, but it feels like there could be many more. LensCrafters' and prescription windshields for Buick? Cessna seats and instruments in your next Quest? Agent Provocateur and a glove box crammed full of panties? Nike and pretty much anyone?

So, let's hear your ideas for a McMaster-Carr edition F-150 or whatever. This'll be good.

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How is this not a thing?? I mean it comes in the freaking same color as him! Figure out how to do it Chevy!