Give Us Your Favorite Driving Songs: Sad Mode

We want to hear your biggest bummer songs for when life is garbage, and you have to drive to clear your head.

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Cars driving on the freeway in the rain and fog.
Photo: Douglas Sacha (Getty Images)

Driving and music go together like peanut butter and jelly, like champagne and orange juice or like pizza and more pizza. It’s a pairing that’s become a key component of our cultural identity as car enthusiasts, and while we all have those songs that make you feel good when you’re on a canyon road wringing out your shitbox for all its worth, I want to know what sad songs you listen to when you’re out driving to clear your head.

Welcome to “What Are Your Favorite Driving Songs: Sad Mode.”

Dirty Three ft. Nick Cave - “Sea Above, Sky Below” - Surveillance

To get things started, I’m going to hit you with a world-class downer that I love to put on when the weather is bad, and the inside of my skull feels like the bottom of a well. It’s by arguably the best live band I’ve ever seen and one that will never, ever, ever get enough credit. That band is called The Dirty Three, and the song is called “Sea Above, Sky Below.”


So, now it’s your turn, feral commentariat, to unleash your biggest bummers. Fire away.