As automotive journalists its our job to cover the auto shows. As automotive enthusiasts it's often our pleasure. Among the hullabaloo about models and special editions we don't care about, random celebrity guest appearances and awkward CEO speeches there's still the excitement of seeing cars you've never seen before, the thrill of sitting in a new model for the first time and the pure boyish giddiness that comes from a gigantic convention center full of unlocked vehicles. And at the Chicago Auto Show, there's also no threat of getting shot by a random thug or sniffed out by a German Shepherd (ahem... Detroit).

We're going to be in Chicago this week bringing you the latest reveals, the breaking news and the dull corporate-speak. And we do it all for you. So what do you want to see? Are you curious how many people we can fit in a Ford Transit Connect? Do you want a close-up of the Dodge Challenger tachometer? Help us help you. Help us, help you. Check out the Chicago Auto Show Cheat Sheet for information on what is coming.