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Today we heard that Chrylser wants to be like Nike and Starbucks. Is that really the comparison that makes the most sense?

Reader Dwaknerf.V6.0R18SP4 is unconvinced about Chrysler's ambitions.

If Chrysler = Nike, their product will be a decent performer, but slightly overpriced, and styled with flamboyant nonsense, dispersed into every venue satisfying the human desire for entertainment, and caters to my mother-in-law by offering excessively bright neon colors of the month?

If Chrysler = Starbucks, another overpriced commodity, available at any corner or shopping center catering to the human lust for anywhere, anytime refreshment, that will burn my legs and scrotum if dropped in the lap?

Thanks, but no thanks.

So what regular, non-automotive companies are the equivalents of carmakers? What company is Chrylser really like?


Photo Credit: Chrysler, Nike, Starbucks

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