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What Are The Coolest Cars That Europe Doesn't Get?

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

We always moan about the beautiful, light, revvy cars that Europe never exports to the US. What about the cars that we don’t export over there?

This idea came from Breakfast Burrito who asked this question.

Ahh Europe. A land of trains, windy roads, and expensive shops. Coincidentally it's also the capital of  some of the greatest automotive unicorns. Daily on Jalopnik we Americans complain that the coveted wagons, hatches, diesels,  and manuals sold in Europe are nowhere to be found in the Land of the Free, but all those complaints are a bit americentric. To all my European friends, are there any cars sold in the US that you'd like to see in Europe?


So what car is Manni missing, with all the drug money he has stuffed into his Adidas tracksuit and fanny pack? What car do we get that Europeans can’t buy?

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 Photo Credit: Chrysler Co.