Wert's Got The "MINI" Shot Glass Ready: Time For Another Round Of The Official Car Pundit Drinking Game!

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Yes, that's right drink-fans, it's time for another round of the world's only official car pundit drinking game (patent pending, of course). This episode's again sponsored by the letters "J" and "D", and that mean's Wert's stepping up to the bar. Our sometimes-fearless Associate Editor from the Motor City's been asked to flap his always-at-the-ready gums on CNBC's "On The Money" on the subject of small and kitschy little cars — something to do with some story today — and while he's putting on one of the suits from his seemingly ever-expanding closet (he's such a clothes horse, that one) — why don't you take a moment and...


...update the rules. For those of you unaware of what it is we speak of, here's a quick walk-through. For those of you hoping to play along at home, Wert's expected to be on at 7:30 EST — we even hear he'll be joined by Matt DeLorenzo from Road & Track — and we all remember how much fun was had when last these two titans of auto punditry met. Of course, knowing Wert's luck — it'll probably start to rain again.

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I don't even know what that means. Is that another one of those dead languages? If it ain't 'merican, I don't wanna hear it.