We're Snapchatting From IMSA At Lime Rock Park, So Come Watch With Us

We’re out at Lime Rock Park for the IMSA races this weekend and we recently joined a cool mobile-phone app, which means that we’re venturing into the world of Snapchat and bringing the fun straight to our “jalopnikdotcom” account.

If you haven’t added us on Snapchat already—or you’re avoiding the app that all of the kids are using these days—all of the cool kids are doing it. Those cool kids include more than just the Jalopnik staff, hopefully.


As for today’s fun from the races at Lime Rock Park, our guy Michael Roselli is out there to give you the views from a photographer’s perch. The action for the day is almost over, but the good part about Snapchat is that you have until tomorrow to watch it all.

So, come check us out and send some Snapchats if you want. Most of us are still learning how to use it anyway.

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Alanis King

Alanis King is a staff writer at Jalopnik.