Check Out This Insane Hemi-Powered Wrangler With Us Right Now

Our guy David Tracy is hanging out with a wild, almost alien-looking custom Jeep Wrangler right now, and its owner wants to show him—and all of you—around it. The word on the street is that David’s going to get to take it for a spin, and he’ll be sharing the whole experience live on Facebook.

This adventure wasn’t at all planned—David just saw a crazy car, and the owner was cool enough to invite him out to the shop. Its owner, Steve Pasteiner—who also owns the shop on Woodward Avenue that hosts legendary car gatherings every Saturday—did the customization himself, so it should be a good time. In addition to the Jeep, Steve will be showing David around his custom-car design shop, Advanced Automotive Technologies.


You can hang out with the both of them below, or on our Facebook page:

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