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We're Playing NASCAR Heat Evolution With Champion Brad Keselowski Right Now

Illustration for article titled Were Playing iNASCAR Heat Evolution/i With Champion Brad Keselowski Right Now

Brad Keselowski, who you may remember for giving the most NASCAR-appropriate, beer-swilling post victory interview in recent years, is here in the office to play NASCAR Heat Evolution for Xbox One. We have one controller. We have no beer.

I love me some circle-track racing, so I’m going to figure out if Brad does too, or if he’s just stuck in this job like I am, not exactly sure why he’s here or if there’s more to life than this. It’s a big world out there, you know? Lots of places I could be. Germany again. Maybe back to Alaska. I’ve always wanted to see that Altai mountains.


More importantly, I am going to see if I can beat him at NASCAR Heat Evolution. Wish me luck.

Raphael Orlove is features editor for Jalopnik.

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Matt Nichelson

Damn that’s a lot of beer foam