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Hey there Jalops, welcome to Unpaved, a new Offroad/Overland section of Jalopnik. If you’ve been reading the site, you’ve probably noticed that we’ve been covering off-road and overland stuff a little more closely over the last year or so. Sure, yeah, a good portion of the staff spends a good portion of our spare time goofing around with off-roaders. But in this case, it’s not just us weirding out over some obscure DAF—everywhere you look, it seems someone is building, dreaming up or wheeling something designed to go anywhere, or at least flexing on Instagram.

So, with some startup help from Kia, we’re launching a whole channel dedicated to everything off-road-capable. It’ll crossover with Truck Yeah a bit, but then go a lot further afield. We’ll cover rigs, gear, techniques and whatever else we come across, including our own adventures.

In the next little while, we’ll have a major feature on an wild trip to Overland Expo, a longterm test of Roofnest’s Robin rooftop tent, and extensive reporting from the Rebelle Rallye. David, Mercedes, José and I will have plenty more reasons to hit the trail, which may or may not have been the point of launching this channel in the first place.


Our own José Rodríguez Jr will be running the show. If you have a piece of gear you want to see tested, or if there’s something you’ve always wondered about, want to see explained or think we’d want to share, hit him up—especially if you’re one of the people keeping the overlanding flame alive out there in the Oppoverse.

So that’s Unpaved, a dedicated off-road channel from your friends at Jalopnik. Please, pull a camp chair up to the fire and make yourself at home. We’ve got a lot of adventuring to discuss.