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It's impossible to deny the mark John DeLorean left on the auto industry. From the Pontiac GTO to the overhead-cam six, we owe more to DeLorean than his namesake DMC-12. And coming up on the anniversary of his death, here's a great long-read about the man behind the machines.


The piece was written by Suzanne Snider and originally published in Tokion magazine in 2006. It still holds up:

Some argue for the flashy and obvious, such as the DMC-12's gull-wing doors and rust proof stainless steel body. But other innovations attributed to DeLorean include the lane-change turn signal, the recessed windshield wiper, and a list of inventions and patents ranging from 3 to 200, depending on who you ask.


There are a few books covering DeLorean's rise and fall, and there was talk of a biopic back in 2009. That was due to arrive "before 2015." Wonder what happened to it?

Thanks to NextDraft for the reminder.

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