DeLorean Biopic Coming To A Theater Near You

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We've just found there's not one, but three different biopics in the works on the life of eccentric auto-mogul and accused drug smuggler, John Z. DeLorean. We're told at least one will reach theaters before 2015.


Time Studios and XYZ Films will join Stainless Steel Productions in the race to share the rise and fall of both John Z. DeLorean's personal life and professional career. While previous attempts at making a film were failed due to DeLorean himself wanting to control the project, his death in 2005 at age 80 allowed the filmmakers to proceed full steam ahead. With the help of DeLorean's family and friends, the three film studios will feature everything from his successful GM days, his accused drug smuggling charges as well as everyone's favorite gullwinged DMC DeLorean. That's heavy. [via Variety]



Stainless Steel Productions is making a movie about DeLorean. Could that not be the most perfect match up in history?