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How do you top blasting across the Southwest in a luxo car with a couple of women, scoping all manner of madcap machinery, making new friends and ogling hotties while staying in luxo-type rooms? Well, you really don't. But if we were gonna trade the Bullrun for two days out of somebody else's life, we could do far worse than Iowahawk's weekend out here in California. He hung with Coop, Mister Jalopy, Gale Banks, Ed Iskenderian, Art Chrisman, Bruce Meyer, and a whole host of other hot rod luminaries. If you do not know who these people are, please find out before returning to Jalopnik. Thank you. Plus, Coop's got a honkin' gallery of the goings-on at Banks' spread.

L.A. Confidential [Iowahawk]; Banks Gearhead Invitational [Positive Ape Index]

Iowahawk's Swap Meet Tips [Internal]


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