Iowahawk's Swap Meet Tips

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Jalopy/Jockey Journal honcho Ryan Cochrane tapped the mighty Iowahawk to write a bit for the Jalopy Journal on surving a day at the swap meet. And well, let's face it — it's damn funny. He even busts out with a Locomobile ref, which, we believe, along with Horch and Hupmobile, is one of the three most-underreferenced brands in the world of auto writing. We wanna build the vato Locomobile, complete with 13" Daytons with gold spokes, low-profile whitewalls and a reinforced frame so it won't shake to pieces under the stress of serious switch-hitting. Now go read tha 'Hawk's bit. Shoo!

Tech Week: Be a Swap Meet Ninja [The Jalopy Journal]

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