We Talk To VW’s Super Dreamy Head Of Brand Design, Klaus Bischoff

Hey there Klaus Bischoff, Wie geht's? We heard you're the guy who has kept all of Volkswagen Group's brands looking different and interesting, even though they're all pretty much the same under the skin. Mind if we ask you some questions?

Oh, you drive an Up! and a Touareg? I guess that makes sense, since you're a head honcho at VW. Your wife drives a Tiguan? That's cool. Wait, if you could have any car, any car at all made in the last 20 years, what would it be, Herr Bischoff?


(Full Disclosure: Volkswagen invited me to drive the new VW Beetle, flew me out to Santa Monica, filled me with free pale ale, and let me drunkenly chat with Herr Bischoff himself. As you can tell, I got a bit of a man crush on the man who keeps VAG's brand designs in check.)

You'd buy back the 1952 Type 1 Beetle you drove as a student? Your mom gave you that car, right? That's not exactly a car made in the last 20 years, but we don't mind. Have we told you that you have deep, thoughtful eyes? You do.

Hey Klaus, Pininfarina, Guigiaro, or Gandini? Who's your favorite? Guigiaro? He's our favorite too! Did you pick him just because he designed the first VW Golf? Oh Klaus, you're so secretive.


Okay, one last big question: what's your favorite car design, ever? Oh, the Porsche 911 because it's such a similar design to the Beetle? Klaus, you're standing right next to the new Beetle that you just designed, and you're surrounded by Volkswagen executives. I'm sure that's not influencing your answer at all. Klaus, you're a fox.

What are you doing tonight, Klaus?


Photo Credits: Raphael Orlove/Jalopnik/the power of love itself

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