Somebody is seemingly street parking their Lamborghini Gallardo in New York City on a regular basis and I have so much respect for them.


No, it’s probably not Bruce Wayne or Dr. Strange (but maybe it is!), but it is pretty cool that somebody is either so out of touch with the reality of New York street parking or so embracing of it that they’re willing to put it against the elements, and the risk of a contractor in an inexplicable F350 long bed trying to squeeze into the space in front of it that’s only suitable for a Smart car.

For those who may not know, when most people think about New York City, they’re probably imagining Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens. These three areas also happen to be extremely cursed for street parking. Cars are getting bigger, which makes some of the roads with parking on either side a little tighter, and as more cars take to the streets, parking becomes harder to come by and more competitive. Few have driveways, and where there are parking lots or garages, there are usually steep costs for using them.

Basically all of this is a recipe for a moving truck taking out your door mirror, or somebody backing into your car before rear-ending the one in front of you trying to snuggle into a tight spot. You may recall the episode of Seinfeld where Jerry and George have an extended standoff with somebody over a parking spot, with both cars blocking traffic and the two of them just yelling at each other. That’s fairly true to life, at times.

The tipster who sent us these photos says they also park their own car on these streets, which happens to not be a Lamborghini, go figure, and their “bumpers look like a dog’s chew toy,” so I’d say the Gallardo is playing a very risky game.


It’s not like Lamborghini was sparing with its Gallardo production. It was the best-selling Lamborghini ever when it went out of production in 2012.


And whereas the very act of buying a Lamborghini used to be subversive in itself, Lamborghinis are now pretty much as mainstream a sports car for rich people as sports cars for rich people get. So if you want to bring back a little of that subversiveness, front-plate-zip-tied-into-a-drilled-bumper-on-your-Lamborghini it is.

The Gallardo was always meant to be the every man’s Lamborghini, for sure, but it’s also still a six-figure car.


It’s nice to see this Lambo in the streets because they have to go through the trouble of alternate side parking, which is where you have to move your car depending on the day of the week for the street cleaners, just like the rest of us, and also it’s just not something you’d expect somebody who can likely afford garage parking to do! But everybody has a budget.

As long as your clutch is healthy, it seems like an annual service on a Gallardo is only about $1,500. You would think this person should have plenty to spend on parking, but maybe they put all their change into buying a Lamborghini, and we salute that.


I know I’m droning on about this Gallardo, and it’s not even the craziest thing we’ve seen street parked—that honor goes to this Ferrari F40. I just hope the owner gets the car out of the city on the weekends every now and then.

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