It looks brisk in this photo, judging from the overcast weather and the barren landscape. The perfect convertible weather.
Photo: Jaguar
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They say the ideal convertible weather is a warm and sunny summer’s day, but I’m not sure I agree. Rather, I think the perfect convertible weather is actually when it’s cold. Like in the fall, winter or early spring. Hear me out.

When you put the top down in your convertible, you are subjecting yourself to the ambient weather while you drive. In the summer, with the wind whipping through your hair and the sunshine on your face, it’s admittedly very nice. But it can also easily get too hot, and almost no amount of air-conditioning on earth can beat out the source of that heat, the sun.


Plus, garbage and things smell bad in the summer, and there’s definitely no escaping that.

I’m making the case for driving your convertible with the top down when it’s cold out. Put that top down, crank up the heat, fire on the seat heaters (if you have them) and turn on the heated steering wheel (if you have it). Don a jacket, a fluffy scarf and some nice gloves if you have to.

The resulting experience is one of the coziest situations you could ever experience. There’s just an utterly magical feeling that comes from the knowledge that it’s cold out there while still being basically out there, but also being so toasty and warm in actuality. It’s like cuddling with your car. This also applies to cracking your windows and blasting your heat in the winter and being in a warm car in the rain.

Think about cuddling. When’s the best time to cuddle? Definitely not when it’s a hot and sticky summer night. It’s when the room is cold and it’s nice and warm beneath the blankets.


Same with going in a hot tub outside during the wintertime. Sure, the tips of your ears and nose might get a little cold, but it’s nice to be able to sit outside and enjoy the crisp air while your body is kept warm by the water.

There has to be a word for this. A word for driving your convertible with the top down on a cold day with all the heaters turned on.


What is that word? Or phrase? It could be a phrase.

Writer at Jalopnik and consumer of many noodles.

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