We Honor The AE86 With Massive Crashes

Today is 8/6 day, so we shall honor the great Hachi Roku by sacrificing as many of them as we can find to the rear wheel drive gods.


Well, it's not AE86 day for everyone, given that it's 6/8 day in most of the world. That would be good for honoring, uh, a mid-generation one of these? Whatever, this is America, and we write our dates backwards, so 86 day it is.

No one in these videos was seriously injured, and their AE86s died doing what they did best - going sideways with amateurs at the wheel, providing a means for the world's youth to discover the joys of oversteer.

Hills Are Not For Drifting

Hills Are Not For Hillclimbs, Either, Somehow

What Happens When Your Steering Stops Working

Please Don't Crash Into Already-Crashed AE86s

Purposeful Sacrifice Of An Innocent Hachi Roku

One Crash On Rally Talsi, 2008 Doesn't Stop This AE86

We All Saw It Coming

Why It Sucks To Be The Caboose In A Drift Train

One Icelandic AE86 Manages To Crash Into Another

Please post your favorite AE86 crash vids below, and recall their glory even in destruction.

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