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We Hear From The Toronado Limowagon's Owner!

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Remember the Six-Wheeled Olds Toronado Limowagon we saw here a while back? We were all in awe of its majesty, of course, and now its owner has seen fit to let us know the story behind this fine machine. Jump like the guests of a drunken bachelorette party discovering a case of free champagne in the Limowagon to read owner Curtis' story in his own words:


I was quite surprised to see photos of my Toronado limousine posted. I enjoyed most of the comments written about it. I am the third owner the first was a Limousine service called Travel All that at one time worked out of the Town & Country hotel in mission valley. The second owner also a Limousine service Carey San Diego they bought the car in 1973, I bought it from them about four years ago. Unfortunately I have run out of cash to Finnish the need repairs form having been a lawn ornament for five years.
This is my fun car I love driving my car and want to keep it always.
My Toro seats fifteen counting the driver and has a large rear baggage area. The inside is rather basic with five rows or three seats, a/c, manual windows and manual door locks. I have an original am/fm radio and yes an 8-track player to install it has never had a music radio in it. I have had the wheels chromed but it's not holding up well.
When it's running well it lives at home in EL Cajon when it's not It lives in Loma Portal close to my work so I can get to whoever needs to work on it.

Good work, Curtis! Send us the photos of any improvements you make. We suggest applying some 8-71 boost to that 455... and how about sacrificing some of the seating in the back and adding a second 455? It worked for the Hairy Olds, so how could it be wrong for the Toronado Limowagon?