864 Cubes Of Hairy Oldsmobile Goodness

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It might have been best if GM had simply axed the Oldsmobile division in 1966, rather than let it limp on long enough to grunt out the Achieva before drowning pathetically in a fetid cesspool of marketing mistakes. That way we'd remember Olds for departing the world in a blaze of glory, with the awe-inspiring Hairy Olds symbolizing everything that Ransom E. Olds once stood for. A '66 Cutlass with a Toronado front-drive transaxle (which was chain-driven) and bored-out 425 engine... at each end. Oh yeah, with blowers. A twin-engined, 16-cylinder, all-wheel-drive, supercharged Oldsmobile with chain drive! I mean, put them side by side: Hairy Olds... Achieva. Urgh.


Almost Two Much [Oldsmobility.com]

Jay Leno's 1,000 hp 1966 Oldsmobile Toronado [internal]

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@ Murilee:

Don't be frontin' on the Achieva, because the Quad 4 H.O.-powered SC (175 hp) and cranked-to-11 W-41 Quad 4-powered SCX (185 or 190 hp, depending on year) are parked in my dream garage. They did, after all, pummel the competition in SCCA showroom stock and other production-based racing series.