We Have Found The Best-Sounding BMW, Holy Crap It Is This Car

BMWs are not known best as rally cars. Honestly, BMWs are probably best known as suburban commuter cars at this point. Regardless, here’s a rally BMW to remind you what a BMW ought to sound like.

Much as I love BMWs barky V8s and howling V10s, it’s the solid-wall-of-induction-noise straight sixes that make the brand for me.

This is a BMW E36 M3 run by Ilmo Lario up in Finland. I have no clue which straight six is in it (an S50 of some kind would be expected), or what Ilmo did to modify the motor. At least one source claims it’s putting out 400 horsepower. All I know is it sounds like a device for sawing whole buildings in half.


(Hat tip to Harri!)

Raphael Orlove is features editor for Jalopnik.

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Am I crazy or does anyone else hear supercharger whine? Is supercharging these straight-6s a thing? If not, is that just the sound of the intake? I’ve never heard a bimmer sound like this (and I used to own an E36).