We Found A Hipster Who Actually Drives An Audi

We scoffed when we heard Audi wanted hipsters to drive their cars. An Audi-driving hipster just plain didn't exist, no matter how hard they tried. We didn't think they were real, but somehow, we found one. Meet Scott Greenberg, and his Audi, which are both Real Things.


Okay, so we found Scott and his Macklemore haircut and his tortoiseshell glasses and his ironic leather jacket and his Audi A4 in an ad from the GOP, but there is no way, no how a political party would ever create an ad with something fake in it.


Look at him, he's even putting regular fuel in it, even though Audi recommends he use premium. Just like a person who really owned that car would.

So here we have it, kids. Scott Greenberg, a real, Audi-driving hipster. Nothing at all is fake here.

He's like a unicorn.

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Vincent Davidson

Fixed the headline for ya -

"We Found A Hipster Who Can Actually Afford An Audi"