Watching This Cardboard F1 Car Get Built Is Better Than Some Races

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I often think about how nice it would look to put a Formula One car in the grand entryway to a large home, before remembering said car would probably cost more than the home itself. But a YouTuber recently found a cost-effective and lightweight way around that one: just build the car yourself, out of cardboard.


Oh, wait. I’m not talented or patient enough to do that, and it would result in a horrid, unrecognizable mess with my blood blotted across it, because I’d cut myself while trying to cut the cardboard.

Looks like I’ll need to dream up another idea.

The YouTube account that posted this time lapse said in the video description that construction took 250 hours, nearly 50 square meters, or 538 square feet, of cardboard, and more than 100 glue-gun sticks. The car is close to the size of an actual F1 car, and probably performs like a McLaren-Honda circa 2017.

Watching its creation is incredible, from the measurements to the partial cuts allowing pieces to bend and create parts like the tires. I’d build one—if I had that kind of talent and wouldn’t be tempted to sit in it constantly, knowing I’d bend it but not really being able to resist.

[H/t Motor1]

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