Watching An Over-Inflated Tire Get Crushed By A Hydraulic Press Is Way Too Satisfying

At this point, it seems like pretty much anything and everything can be crushed with a hydraulic press. Including this over-inflated tire.

You know, my favorite part of these hydraulic press videos isn’t so much what is being crushed. It’s listening to the guys behind the camera and how giddy they become from their results.


In this latest video, the off-camera narrator can be heard saying, “Today we are going crush this tire and some other stuff. But this is the best by far... We are going to crush it like this and hopefully it explodes and it’s going to be really loud and throw some shit in the air all around. All the cool stuff. Yeah, let’s go!”

To see this happen from multiple, exciting angles, as well as find out what “other stuff” gets crushed, have a look at the video.

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