We know that things don’t generally hold up well against hydraulic presses. We know this because of science. Turbochargers, though? The press has another thing coming for it.


The gentlemen behind the very fun Hydraulic Press Channel on YouTube uploaded a new video recently, this time with a 400 horsepower custom VNT turbocharger, according to the video’s caption. All of the turbocharger’s internal mechanisms were spinning at the time of the crushing because “there is no point... to crush it any other way.”

Fair point. How silly of me for thinking otherwise.

In complete defiance of the gods above themselves, the turbine wheel survives. And not only does it survive, it manages to dig a nice chunk into the press as well. Forget adamantium. Wolverine should have had his bones bonded in this stuff.


Just look at that. That’s the tapping of a goddamn winner.

Turbos. Is there anything they can’t do?

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