You're looking at the Ascari Curves at Monza, 2011. An F1 car would enter this right-left chicane at 101 miles an hour, exit at 146 miles an hour, and mid corner it'd go around 131. Sideways, in the case of Sebastian Vettel.

What's amazing is not only that Vettel can control his ultra-grippy Red Bull sideways at double New York State's speed limit, but also that Vettel went on to get pole in the very next lap, beating next-closest Lewis Hamilton by half a second. Our whole qualifying and race recap can be found right here.


We thought the same thing after we saw him getting sideways in Australia over the weekend; there's a reason why this guy is triple world champion.

Let's watch that again in slow-mo, shall we?

All speed estimates come from Formula One's own 2011 track guide.

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