Surveillance video captured the dramatic rollover of two Brazilian teens crashing a stolen car into another vehicle and a building at an estimated 93 mph (150km/h) while running from the cops. Amazingly, they survived with minor injuries.

Here is the full surveillance video, taken in Chapecó in western Santa Catarina.

And here's a look at the car after it came to rest, from a picture released by the military police chasing the thieves after the crash late Monday night.

It was those police who actually saved the lives of the two teens, aged 15 and 16. The car burst into flames after it came to rest, and it was the cops who pulled them out of the wreck and put out the fire, Globo News reports.


The teens made it out with minor injuries, and while the 15-year-old was released, the 16-year-old is still getting held. He had an outstanding warrant from one of 48 previous police reports.

GTA in real life never ends well.