Watch This Turbo Audi Launch Like A Beast

It's not a proper 4WD launch until you lay rubber at all four corners.

This is a '91 Audi 200 testing out a new launch control system and yes, it's fast. Here are the mods listed by the car's owner.

Stock block/head with 300k+ miles
Garrett/034 K26/GT3076r
7A camshafts
Siemens Deka 870cc injectors @ 3bar base pressure
ClutchNet red pressure plate with 6 puck disk
Stock transmission
Stock intercooler
Tune to 23psi on E85 fuel.
3" turbo back exhaust
034 engine and transmission mounts
BBS RK 17X8 ET35 wheels
General Exclaim UHP 225-45-17


This video came out last month and we haven't seen a 4WD launch this cool since the Skyline from Hell from back in the day. What's the coolest 4WD launch video you've seen?

(Hat tip to Saracen!)

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