Watch This Tire Truck Go Snow Drifting Because It Didn’t Have The Right Tires

If there is anyone on the road who should be driving on snow tires when it's snowy out, it's someone who actually sells tires. This Firestone truck does not. The results are hilarious.


The man behind the camera and our tipster, Brad, described to us the scene of the irony.

We were on our way to Orlando, FL from Blacksburg, VA in a snow/sleet/freezing rain storm, and came upon this guy driving a Ford F-150 through Blacksburg who had no idea what he was doing. We watched him keep sliding around, and eventually decided to make a video of his antics.


While we applaud the Ford driver for the humor of his tire situation, we really love him for his mad opposite lock dorifto skills.

(Hat tip to Brad!)

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Brian, The Life of

"We're not in a drift sector!"

Not sure exactly what he meant by that but I must work it into conversation sometime.