Watch This Skateboarder Lose His Cool On Some Campus Cops After Nearly Being Run Over By A Scooter

Have you ever had the chance to just completely lose your shit on a police officer, and then be allowed to walk away like nothing happened? Most of us will never experience that, but this dudebro pulled it off after two police officers on scooters nearly hit him on the Old Dominion University campus in Norfolk, Virginia.

Luckily for us, the exchange was caught on cell phone camera video, and it's pretty hilarious. (By the way, people — when you're shooting video or taking pictures with a cell phone, turn it sideways!)

At one point, our cargo short-wearing friend even throws his hands behind his back and dares the cops to arrest him. "I'll bring this all the way to court, motherfucker!" he screams. "Just because you have a badge doesn't mean you don't have to have courtesy! Apologize!"


It's not clear from this video who was really in the wrong, but the guy walks away, still spouting obscenities but never getting the apology he wanted.

I can't even tell you how lucky this kid is. There are cops out there who would have beat his ass, hauled him off to jail, and then found something to charge him with after the fact. Or it could have ended in another "Don't tase me, bro!" situation. And the way he's acting, he may have had it coming just a bit.

Who was in the right here, the kid or the cop?

You're my boy, VeeArrSix!

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Five days a week I ride a bicycle to class. My understanding is that Right-of-Way on sidewalks goes by control.. People with the most control (IE Pedestrians), don't have the right of way (they might, actually, but it's much easier for them to shift a step to the left, then risk dropping a tire into the dirt and proceeding to eat it. From there, it goes bicycles/scooters, then longboarders.

I do my best to avoid them, and I haven't hit anyone yet.

People that bitch about someone making them late, are just bitching to bitch.

So we call them bitches.