Watch This Poor Bastard Run After a Runaway Car Carrier With a Volkswagen Camper on It

My house has one of those doorbell camera things, and it sends me alerts all the freaking time when it detects motion. Usually it’s a cat or a passing car or some gnomes fighting or having sex on the lawn—nothing ever as astounding as this video, captured by someone’s home camera, showing the sad, futile attempt of a man trying to stop a huge runaway car carrier trailer with a solitary ‘70s Volkswagen Westfalia camper on it.


Here’s the actual video, posted by someone named Ed Callahan on Facebook:

Oh man oh man. I feel for that guy. What he’s doing, is, of course, entirely useless, but I can absolutely see myself doing the same thing in that situation, running fecklessly after the rolling trailer, perhaps even grabbing it and realizing that there’s not shit I can do.

The bus seems to be lacking headlights, suggesting that it’s probably in mid-restoration, and with the value of nice VW campers going up, that’s likely quite a valuable vehicle sliding down that hill there.

I got ahold of Ed and had him fill me in on exactly what happened:

I was at home and heard a loud noise. Then the dogs went crazy and ran to the front door. So I looked at the cameras and saw this trailer sliding by and the guy running with it. So I ran out front laughing the whole time. It ended up in a guy’s front yard at the end of the street. The bus was fine, and i don’t think there was any damage to the trailer. It took them a couple hrs to move it and a couple hrs to fix the guys front yard.

Whew! Glad to hear everyone and everything was basically okay after all this. Sorry everyone is cringe-laughing at this, trailer-chasing man.

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