Watch This Old Dude In A Suit Calmly Yank The Boot Off His Wheel

It’s not clear why this elderly Portuguese gentleman had a boot placed on the wheel of his mid-2000s BMW X3, but what is clear is that he is not so interested in making use of the device. So he removed it. With his hands.

He’s a pretty determined guy, that’s for damn sure. According to one of the several sites that have uploaded the video in the past few days, the man is 72-years-old and this happened in Lisbon, Portugal.


Some sources suggest the man removed the boot because he didn’t want to miss a flight, but there’s really not enough information in the video to confirm if that was the motive.

I do like that he decided to throw the boot into his, um, boot, perhaps to re-apply it later, when he finds a place he’s more comfortable with his car being immobilized?

That should be legal, I’m sure? I mean, I’m not Portuguese lawyer, but who cares as long as he still has the boot with the car, right? Corrigir?

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