Watch This NASCAR Driver Take Off With A Jack At Dover

You ever leave the garage, and you know you forgot something, like maybe the door was left open, or did I leave that turkey sandwich on the counter, or maybe I didn't take my life-saving medication today, or maybe I have a goddamn jack under my car and I've been dragging it this whole time?

That's actually what happened to NASCAR Nationwide Series driver Parker Kligerman yesterday at the 5-Hour Energy 200 at Dover, when he left the pits with the jack still underneath his left side. Somehow he even managed to go the entire one mile length of the track with the thing wedged under the car before returning back to pit lane to get it removed.


The tire-changer for the team, Mark "Hollywood" Armstrong (him and I have the same racing name, weird) was actually smacked by the jack as Kligerman was leaving the pits, and had to be taken out for medical treatment. It looks like it was just a bruised hamstring, and according to Armstrong on Twitter he's going to be just fine:

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