Watch This Guy's Homemade Epoxy Wheel Survive An Incredible Driveway Burnout

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Screenshot: AWD Cutlass (YouTube)

I can’t say I totally understand the epoxy crafts trend that’s been sweeping the internet (if you haven’t been plagued by millions of videos of this shit on Facebook, don’t start now), but it was only a matter of time before someone actually had A Good Idea and decided to build a wheel out of clear epoxy. And the thing actually holds up under pressure pretty damn well.

The credit for this fantastic idea goes to AWD Cutlass on YouTube, who decided to manufacture an epoxy wheel in his garage, fit it to his Cutlass, and proceeded to burn it down in his driveway.

I believe I have seen the future, and it is this, but with my husband doing the exact same thing in his Ford Fairmont.

Honestly, it’s satisfying to watch the whole thing come together. There’s no voiceover to distract you (which also means it’s tough to know exactly what the process was here if you’re trying to replicate this bad boy at home), but that’s okay. You just get to meld into the process of fabrication.


And then you get to watch that Cutlass burn it down.

The man in the video hooks his Cutlass to the hoist in his garage and then just sends it. There are literally inches of accumulated tire left on his driveway after all is said and done. His house will probably smell like burned rubber for the rest of his life. And that, my friends, is what it’s all about.

And the best part is that the wheel holds up well enough to take the ol’ machine out for a nighttime cruise. It’s incredible.

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“ and then just sends it. “

Can we stop saying ‘send it’ please? Please?