The Supra that becomes a 580whp monster.
The Supra that becomes a 580whp monster.
Screenshot: MotionAutoTV

Toyota Supras are expensive. Like, really expensive. But if you’re willing to forego unnecessary luxuries like front body panels and a running engine, there are lots of cheap ones. With a bit of elbow grease, you can turn one of these shells into a fully running, tire-burning MKIV Supra.


MotionAutoTV on YouTube did just that, starting with a rusty shell of a Supra that had been left to rot in a field. In a ten-minute timelapse, the channel shows what it takes to restore a ruined car to its full, Radwood-era glory.

The longest part of the restoration is getting the body sorted. Years in a field has not been kind to this Supra. Plus, with a lot of body panels completely missing, it takes a lot to get this thing looking pretty. Not content to turn their destroyed Supra into a run-of-the-mill missile, they end up doing a three-tone paint job that looks absolutely stellar.

The car also underwent a complete engine-out restoration and modification process. The finished car has a Garrett Gtx3584rs Turbocharger and a Deatschwerks complete fuel system with flex-fuel, according to the YouTube description.

The whole process took two years, but the results are astounding.

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