I guess if I was named "Jason The Jumper" this is the sort of thing I'd do, too. Al The Jumper, the Swedish king of jumping over moving cars, has just jumped over a Lamborghini heading at him at 80 MPH. Holy crap, right?


The Stockholm-based photographer Henrik Jensen who shot the car-bounding event sent us this video of the jump, and a nice little interview with the man who is probably the best in the known universe at jumping over cars.

Al the Jumper has been Al the Jumping for quite some time. Here's some previous car-jumping videos, but I think this Lambo jump here is his fastest. I like that his goal is to jump two cars at once — that would be remarkable.

If I could suggest something to Al the Jumper, it would be maybe to jump two cars, but have the second be a convertible, and land in the passenger seat. While singing.


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