Watch this guy interrogate drivers blocking the emergency lane

In Illinois, firefighters use Facebook to shame drivers blocking emergency vehicles on the highway. In Britain, one driver faced with a similar tangle parked his car and went all Chris Hansen on the drivers parked in the emergency lane.

As bold as the phone videographer is, the reactions and justifications of those in the way are priceless, from the occasional rambling excuse to the Mini driver who's really not sure why the world is ending this way.


Hat tip Giannis and Matt!

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Matt Brown

I just got a brilliant Idea for a TV show. It's called "Hey... You're an Asshole." and all it is is this guy going around interviewing people who are being assholes.

"Excuse me, what's your name.... and you know this is a movie theater, right?.... and you know you're not supposed to talk in movie theaters, right?... you know there are people trying to watch the movie?...."

Tune in next week, when we talk to people who take the mufflers off their motorcycles.