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When the Ladd, Ill., fire department called for backup to a highway crash, two firefighters found their route blocked by drivers going the wrong way on the shoulder to escape the backup. Their 21st-century response: Bitching out the drivers on Facebook.


After posting a photo of the traffic flustercuck on I-80 in the desolate parts of central Illinois to the fire department's Facebook page, one Ladd firefighter chastised the drivers for putting their priorities ahead of an emergency:

At NO POINT, while stuck in traffic because of someone else's unfortunate situation, is it considered acceptable or advisable to TURN AROUND AND COME THE OPPOSITE WAY UP THE SHOULDER OF AN INTERSTATE HIGHWAY.

Your shit is not that important to us unless your life is in danger, your house is on fire or if you yourself are on fire. What you do is put our lives in danger. Your hair appointment, sales appointment, shower after work, really is not that important when you think about just exactly why you are sitting in traffic. What is up there? Whose lives are shattered? Is everyone OK? Will more firetrucks, ambulances or squad cars need to get there? When you take it upon yourself to do shit like this picture shows, you do nothing but get in the way of getting help to them, and an earful from us. What if your loved one was the one needing us, needing help or assistance? Think people, don't be an asshole!


And in response to some questions about the wreck, the firefighter piled on:

Notice how no one in the vehicles is looking at us. Like we aren't there, like they aren't wrong. Pretty sad people. Personally I hate going out on that damn Interstate anyway just because the nature of it is permanent and unforgiving. BUT, when people do shit like this, it's very clear as to WHY that interstate is dangerous..... because people think their shit doesn't stink, that their shit is more important than everyone else's and that how dare someone have an accident and get in the way of MY day. BULLSHIT.


Easy there hoss — don't set your rage too close to a heat source or you'll have quite the fire.

That said, his anger is well-placed: When you're stuck in a interstate construction zone behind a wreck that has you trapped for a boundless amount of time, you are not allowed to perform a U-turn and creep along the shoulder to the previous exit while blocking emergency vehicles. That next Steak 'n Shake will wait for you.


Hat tip to Rusty Van Horn!

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