Watch This Flood-Stranded Trucker Lounge Atop His Semi And Chat On His Phone

If you're ever stuck on top of a tractor trailer in a huge flood, take this guy as a shining beacon of inspiration. Did he let his feathers get ruffled? Nope. He had a nice little cell phone convo while rescue workers figured out the sticky details.

When a video camera equipped chopper swooped in for a better look at this truck driver stranded near Flint, Michigan, he casually turned away from it. I'm not sure whether his arm got tired and he wanted to switch hands or if he needed to move his head so that he could hear the phone better, but he appeared nonplussed.


Admittedly, his truck was in water only about three feet deep, but as a certain non-aquatic Russian cabbie recently found out, even that can be dangerous.

Photo Credit: WXYZ Action News

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