Watch A Russian Cabbie Go Swimming With His Car

This Russian cabbie was clearly having a bad day. First, he tried to drive through a puddle that ended up being three feet deep. Then, he somehow managed to join his car in the cold, muddy water.


Despite our Slavic sounding name, none of us over here at Jalopnik speak Russian, so we don't know all the details of this snafu. But the video speaks for itself when a cabbie whose car has apparently tipped into the drink on what was otherwise a normal crappy street tries to demonstrate how weak the pavement at the water filled hole's edge is by stepping on it. The asphalt didn't give way, but his snazzy, slick-soled dress shoes did and he toppled in.

Judging by the leafless trees and drab brown and gray scenery, that muddy water hole was chilly, and the cabbie didn't look to be a great swimmer. As far as we know, no one was hurt, but you never know what was living in that puddle. If the cabbie was tested for bacterial contamination (which I would be if I fell in that water), the report's in Russian and we can't read it anyway.


This came from a native Russian speaker (not a Jalopnik employee), who translated the video for us:

Here's the full story: He was driving clients and tried to go around a small hole in the road when the pavement actually collapsed on him (and turned into the huge watery pit you are seeing in the video). At that point, his friend cab drivers came and were saying he is lucky because the car was teetering on the edge and didn't fall into the watery pit, at which point he falls in.The taxicab company is suing someone or something for this (I think the water authority?), but Russia is not like America so I doubt anything will come of it.

(Hat tip to Saywhat_ on reddit!)



Meh, they are used to cold water bath.