Watch This Driver Dig His Subaru BRZ Out Of Some Blizzard Snow

I don't know if you guys heard about this or not, but the northeast got a teeny bit of snow the other day. Nothing too crazy, just about 30 inches in some areas. Thousands without power, people stuck on the freeways, NBD.

And it left tons of cars buried in snow, just like the owner of this Subaru BRZ in Long Island. Yesterday, he spent his morning doing the same thing as a lot of people: digging his car out of the white stuff. Fortunately for us, his buddy and Jalopnik reader Mike Sweeney was there to film it and then speed it up.


Hey, Mike — you mentioned that the BRZ was on Blizzaks. Feel free to send us some videos of your buddy's Toyobaru playing in the snow. You can't let a good blizzard go to waste when you have a rear-wheel-drive car and snow tires, right?

Hat tip to Mike!

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Why was he digging behind his car?