Do you happen to live in the northeastern United States? Then besides finding a good parking lot to do donuts in, today is probably not the best day to be driving. Or flying. Or trying to get anywhere.

The blizzard dubbed "Nemo" by those jamokes at The Weather Channel has all but crippled the transportation infrastructure in several states, leaving cars buried in snow, vehicles trapped on freeways, and air traffic shut down. On top of all that, it's also really cold.


The storm itself is currently moving out to sea, but the people in the Northeast have been left to deal with the aftermath, including as much as three feet of snow in some areas.

Here's a roundup of some of the major things we've seen so far:

Hundreds of cars are stuck on the Long Island Expressway. Scores of drivers were forced to spend the night trapped in their cars after a 30-inch snowfall in New York's Suffolk County. The expressway and Sunrise Highway are both shut down in Suffolk County except for emergency vehicles.


The National Guard is having to rescue stranded motorists. Elected officials are urging people to stay off the roads. People keep getting stuck on unplowed on-ramps.

But even the emergency vehicles and snow plows are getting stuck. New England has probably been hit hardest by the blizzard. The ambulances can't even get around.


Cars are buried in snow. Yeah, have fun trying to dig that out.


Air travel has been dealt a massive blow. If you're attempting to fly today, I feel really bad for you. From CNN: "Three of New York's busiest airports resumed limited service Saturday morning. Logan International Airport in Boston and Bradley International Airport in Windsor Locks, Connecticut, remained closed." Other flights have been canceled across the country.

Train service has ground to a halt as well. Amtrak and other train services have been greatly reduced because of the storms. A number of trains that travel throughout the northeast have either been canceled or delayed. I can't even log on to Amtrak's website.

People are buried in snow at their houses. Consider this the universe's way of telling you to stay inside.



People are taking really pretty snow pictures with Instagram. And they're sending them to the New York Times. Turns out it's not just for taking pictures of food or your feet at the beach.

How are you coping with the blizzard? Are you trapped in the snow? Is your car buried up to its roof in the white stuff? Are you and your buddies out hooning your cars in snowy parking lots? Send us your photos and videos in the comments.

Photos credit AP