Watch This Crazy Malaysian Lady Cling To A Moving Car's Windshield Wipers

The driver of the car this video was shot from says the crazy lady clinging to his windshield hit his car and refused to admit it. So he decided to call the police.

The only problem is that in addition to refusing to admit fault for the accident, the lady also refused to let him go to the police station to report it. So he drove there anyway, with her clinging to his windshield wiper.

The driver is merciful, though, traveling at low speeds. It would have been interesting to see if driving faster would have cracked her sour, stubborn scowl. The people inside the car should have asked the angry lady if she wanted to play ship's mast.

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I think we should ban all portrait orientation videos. I don't even get why cell phone companies do that. Why not just make the video in landscape, and the stupid people will eventually realize that they need to turn their phone sideways.