Watch This Breakthrough In Beater Car Jumping Technique

Watch this video closely and you'll see the amazing innovation in junk car jumping developed Double M Films back in 2007.

Reading the YouTube description of this video will not tip you off to the trick, but it is fantastic.

Description: Double M Films, the creators of Honkies 1 and the soon to be released Honkies 2 bring you a short clip from Honkies 1. I bought this Pontiac from my cousin for $150 and we destroyed it for the first movie. Check out more great car jumping action in Honkies 2.


Have you guessed it? Yes, there's nobody in the car! You can't protect human safety more than by not having a human around at all. Brilliant. May more motorcycle-helmet-wearing hoons learn from this genius before their spines get crushed. Or not. Whatever.

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