Having your car stolen is terrible. I should know. This guy from Darwin, Australia, with what we think is a Nissan 240SX (S15), wasn’t going to let his car get stolen. Not without a fight. A fight that starts with a Ninja-like leap through a car window.

Thanks to the one benefit of an increasingly constantly-surveilled world, we have the glorious action on CCTV video.


It does take the owner a half of a second attempt there to get entirely in the car, but the surprise of the car-invading leap, coupled with the shockwave of raw awesome that expanded, spherically, off the owner as he bounded in to reclaim his car, was enough to send the dirtbag running away.

That sorry-ass, no-good, car-thievin’ offal-pile actually stole another car before he was finally caught, and had been wanted for three other car thefts and an assault on a woman.


Fantastic work, Ninja-kicking car-owner.

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