​Watch This Audi R8 Driving Asshat Hit Ice-T, Cause Massive Pile Up

Remember that time an R8 Spyder crashed into Ice-T during the Bullrun Rally? Neither did we. But video of the crash has finally surfaced after three years, which might line up nicely with the statute of limitations for epic asshattery.

Back in July of 2011, the douchebag parade of supercars was running from Las Vegas to Miami when, outside of Orlando, the inevitable disaster struck. At the time, we only knew that the driver was arrested for reckless driving. Now we can see why.

The tool in the R8 doesn't check his 3-o'clock when attempting a lane change to the right, he sideswipe's Ice-T's SL55, and then rams into the back of an Accord. The video's description says the police report has it down as a "blown tire," which is obviously bullshit. At the time, no injuries were reported, but the aftermath is in the video below.

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