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Bullrun Rally driver arrested after five-car crash including Ice-T

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

A competitor in this year's Bullrun Rally caused a five-car crash when an Audi R8 apparently lost control near Orlando, Florida on the multi-state, high-speed rally from Las Vegas to Miami. The driver was arrested and Ice-T was apparently there. UPDATE.

The Bullrun Rally bills itself as not a race but a rally, despite being named for the legendary and illegal Bullrun cross-country race. Over the years it's transformed itself into a "lifestyle event" for high-profile luxury cars to drive from checkpoint-to-checkpoint, often times at speeds well above the legal limit, in what local police call "a nightmare."


That said, we have, on two occasions, been participants in the rally. Most recently, we were on it for the first day of last year's rally — as Cadillac PR made it a requirement in order to get early access to the CTS-V Coupe.

It's not just Cadillac PR who are drawn to the rally like moths to a flame — despite the danger, celebrities and wealthy people love competing and the event has a lot of media backing it. Currently, both MTV and SPEED TV are shooting television shows based on the run and "The Car Show" star and co-host Matt Farah is competing in it.


In this incident, the same unnamed driver in the Audi R8 received complaints for speeds above what others were comfortable with. According to those involved in the rally, participants "told the guy to slow down yesterday."

Details of the accident are still limited and, for the moment, few people are talking. It doesn't appear if there were any serious injuries. Multiple civilian vehicles and Ice-T's Mercedes were also involved, according to Farah.


Will this crash make it into either show? We're a little doubtful, as any references to the crash on the Bullrun page so far have been quickly deleted. One person even called them out for playing with people's lives and expressed gratitude for someone getting arrested.

UPDATE: WFTW-TV has video of the R8 driver being arrested, he's been charged with reckless driving.