Watch the Volkswagen ID. R Set Its Flying Lap Around the Nürburgring

Gif: YouTube

Earlier this week, the record-crushing Volkswagen ID. R demolished the EV lap record at the Nürburgring by over 40 seconds. Now, sit back and enjoy nine sweet, sweet minutes of footage showing just how the VW team absolutely killed it.


The video from the Nürburgring sets up the appropriate ambiance—menacing music laid atop shots of the infamous track, shots of the team hard at work—to make sure you’re really feeling it before it cuts into the good stuff that you came here for: The Lap.

I could watch Nürburgring onboards all damn day, but this is something special. The whine of the electric motor paired with the first person POV of the track is, in a word, mindblowing. The lack of ICE noises we’re so used to almost makes it seem like the EV is just floating its way overtop the ideal racing line.

It’s Hump Day, friends. Take a ten minute break and treat yourself to something nice.

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Was it running out of juice toward the end. It seemed in the last straightaways he was only topping 240kph were before he could hit 270kh. Even 270kh isn’t crazy on a straightaway.