The Volkswagen ID. R Absolutely Crushed the Nürburgring's EV Record

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Photo: Volkswagen (Twitter )

After months of hype, the Volkswagen ID. R—the automaker’s ultra-fast EV purpose-built for crushing every record known to man—has done it. It has conquered the Nürburgring. And when I say “conquered,” I mean friggin’ conquered.


The time to beat was 6 minutes 45.9 seconds, set by the NIO EP9 in 2017. Driver Romain Dumas and the rest of the ID. R crew showed up today ready to go. And they knocked over 40 seconds off the record time.

Yep. The Volkswagen ID. R set a 6 minute 05.336 second lap.

The ID. R is still pretty far off the mark when it comes to the overall track record. Back in 2o18, the Porsche 919 Hybrid EVO set a lap time of 5 minutes 19.546 seconds that has remained pretty much untouchable since.

But it’s a huge step forward for electric vehicles. Proving that an EV can be just as fast and fun as an ICE car is important for helping to legitimize EVs overall while also pushing the boundaries of the tech they’re made of.

VW hasn’t released a video of the onboard lap yet, but they’ve said that Dumas managed an average speed of 128.6 mph.

Impressive? Oh hell yeah.

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Pretty cool stuff.

If this helps pump money into developing electric car tech then I’m all for it.

Now we need someone to invest in interchangeable battery packs for endurance racing.

Like a camera battery, pull out the old one and set on a charger while the fresh one runs the car.  You only get 4 batteries for a 24 hour race or something.